Founded in 2010 Neat Creative is an award winning design studio with a passion for developing and elevating brands through great visual design. Our work is diverse, spanning brand identity, capability statements, printed documents and marketing material. Our approach is neat, precise and minimal with an appreciation for space.
Here's what you need to know.
In my former life I was a senior business consultant and my core belief is that the art of design is as corporate as it is creative. A structured, strategic and considered approach allows the mind to shape the simplest and most effective creative solutions. In addition to managing, producing, designing and printing a diverse range of communications materials, I also have experience in art direction, packaging, online design and production.
I understand business and my job is to understand yours.
I do this by looking at your brand touch points. Any point where people can come into contact with your brand; what they experience when they do; and what you want them to feel, see, do as a result. Simple.
I have worked in steel caps and a dress, just not at the same time.
Experience extends beyond business and into life itself. I have had many wonderful, successful experiences working for a broad range of clients across numerous sectors.
Muse Creative Award Platinum Award 2018 - Publication Design - CHL 2017 Annual Report
Muse Creative Award Rose Gold Award 2017 - Logo Design - Etica Studio
Muse Creative Award Rose Gold Award 2017 - Branding - Boulevard Pizzeria
Muse Creative Award Rose Gold Award 2017 - Publication Design - CHL 2016 Annual Report
Studios I have worked with.
Clarity Communications. Anthologie. Adzoo. Aberfoyle Partners. Viner Business Design. 485 Design. aWhite Design.
Design panels.

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