There is an education team at Creating Communities (CCA) made up of senior educational executive staff and the communications team. Offering individually tailored packages CCA are able to offer schools a full agency service including community engagement, communications and marketing strategies through to design. Welcome to John Butler Primary College. The first ‘Primary College’ in Perth. I was the lead designer on this project and worked closely with the CCA executive team and an incredibly inspiring Principal, Brett Lewis, who was adamant that the attitude to; and style of education had to change. What a unique opportunity for a brave brand to enter the crowded education environment. I focused on the emotional rewards of attending John Butler Primary College and the schools commitment to challenging the conventional style of education. Unconventional emotive imagery and copy shaped the brand voice. I worked on naming the school, copywriting, developing the identity and a full brand suite. I was humbled to be at the launch of the Primary College and to know that the Department of Education acknowledged that the level of design set a benchmark within the industry. However, all of this was secondary to watching Brett, his staff and the students embracing the essence of the brand and what it stands for.
Work completed as Senior Graphic Designer for Creating Communities.

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