The Chit Chat Box is a fun yet meaningful activity box for children. The charm of this box lies within the curiosity it sparks, the intriguing conversations that flow, the seeds it can sow and the memories it helps make. There’s nothing quite like it. The Chit Chat Box is thoughtfully designed to encourage big thinking, creativity, kindness and strengthening relationships between little people and grown ups
Tiny Giants are the creators of the Chit Chat Box. They are an Australian family of 5 and I can honestly say that you have never really had your work critiqued until a 6 year old is involved.
Work included Chit Chat naming workshop, brand strategy, branding of both Tiny Giants and the Chit Chat Box, style guides for both, stationery, packaging design, illustrations, print design of all Chit Chat Box contents and print management, posters, pull up banners, t-shirt design, e-newsletter and website.
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